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  • Accounting from primary documents to complete financial statements
  • Accounting for fixed assets
  • Inventory accounting
  • Cash register bookkeeping, accounting
  • Registration of bank documents
  • Wage calculation and registration
  • Tax calculation and declaration
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Organization of VAT refund, processing of necessary documents
  • Fuel accounting
  • Managing abandoned accounting
  • Establishment, liquidation, reorganization of enterprises
At the customer's request, accounting is conducted in separate dimensions - product groups, departments, goods, etc. can be coded and analyzed individually.

  • All accounting services
  • Establishment of companies
  • Representation in Swedish tax and registry offices
  • Consultation for recruitment, missions, trade unions, etc. questions
  • Consultation on accounting and tax questions

In Sweden we work with a bookkeeping company that has been operating in Sweden since 2011 and serves more than 150 small and medium-sized business customers. By choosing our services, you will receive a whole bunch of pluses - you will be able to communicate clearly with an accountant in Lithuanian, Swedish or English, which will enable you to understand more clearly all the accounting requirements, to get clearer answers, and not to look for an accountant, a specialized bookkeeping programs, servers, etc. 

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  • Cash Flow Management
  • Establishment / control of the budget system
  • Providing various company indicators, reports, providing
  • Cost Analysis, Optimization Offers
  • Consultations on mergers, acquisitions, business development
  • Debt management, control, recovery
  • Conducting negotiations on bank loans, obtaining lysine, comparing offers, consulting
  • Representation of the company in the negotiations
  • Identification of financial business risks, solutions
  • Financial order preparation
  • Inspection types and policies review
Chief Accountant services:
  • Preparing Accounting Policies
  • Internal financial audit
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Tax review
  • Tax optimization proposals
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Representation at the State tax and other institutions
  • Preparation of statistical reports
  • Review of an ineligible costs
We note that from January 1, 2013, after the entry into force of the new Law on Accounting of the Republic of Lithuania, the provision stipulates that managers of closed joint-stock companies can not handle the company's  accounting by themselves and must have a chief accountant or the accounting company must manage the accounting. Let us take care that Your company's chief accountant function is done professionally.